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ASG-1PLUS: Mesmeric Vocal Journey


Pros: Alluring mids, extended and smooth highs with excellent realism aided by a wide and deep stage

Cons: Sub-bass is slightly lacking

This is my first review on Headfi and the main purpose was to get the sound signature of ASG1+ out to the public since the news of its release was mostly overshadowed by ASG2.5. I do hope these impressions help for those who are actually considering the ASG1+.   I have never been a fan of the ASG2, which was the only IEM of the Aurisonics line I had heard before the release of the new ASG2.5, ASG1.5, ASG1+ and of course one of the hot favourites right now, the Rockets. When I first heard the ASG1+, I was pretty surprised since a wave of bass didn't hit my ears.   Pretty intrigued by how much Dale had listened to the community to provide a much more neutral sound signature...
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Head-Fi.org › destrozer › Reviews by destrozer