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The Sennheiser Momentum: A Great Piece of Design.


Pros: Gorgeous mids, great extended bass, no sibilance.

Cons: slighty lacking in treble "air", earcups won't comfortably fit larger ears, a little bit more definition in the bass would be nice.

Intro      The Sennheiser Momentums are my favorite pair of headphones that I own (including UE700's and the Senn HD650's).  I started a quest last year after buying a pair of (at that time) Monster Beats Solos.  Yeah, I bought into the hype.  I'm not gonna start a Beats-hating review here; suffice to say I wasn't satisfied, sold them, and looked elsewhere.  After weeks of reading reviews, going back and forth and hand-wringing over which pair to buy, I settled on the Ultrasone Pro-900's.  While I loved the 900's ultra-high resolution bass and extended treble, the mids weren't doing it for me; voices and guitars sounded too distant for my...
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Head-Fi.org › mithrandir38 › Reviews by mithrandir38