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One of the most well rounded headphones I've ever owned.


Pros: Near perfect spectrum and stage, durable, comfortable, great for discrete night use.

Cons: Velour pads are a must, some may find the cord too short

If you're like me you buy headphones with the intent of putting them through the wringer. I wanted headphones that would enable me to listen to music, watch TV/movies and play video games as much as I pleased. I scoured forums, marketplaces and even blogs to find a pair of headphones that were truly balanced, comfortable, durable and discrete. The Beyerdrynamic DT770 Pro L.E. 32 Ohms were the headphones that came out victorious, and they definitely fulfilled their promise.   To start let's talk about audio quality. Lows are punchy and clean but never go overboard, mids are crisp and detailed while the highs really shine. The sound stage is quite impressive so your material really...
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Head-Fi.org › giantrobot503 › Reviews by giantrobot503