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Mediocre sound quality and too noisy to use even while walking. Returned and bought PFE 122's.


Pros: Comes with a nice case

Cons: Sound quality, build quality and too noisy for walking.

I bought these to replace my dead Klipsch Image S2-ii after reading many reviews, because I wanted to try something else in the 60-70$ price range for use with my Sansa Clip Zip, and was very disappointed.  Even with the proper ear tips (small), they sounded lifeless and dull in terms of bass, lows, mids and highs compared to my former S4-ii, which I know are a bit too bassy.  I use AKG K712's with my Sound Blaster Z, but still did not find the Klipsch to be a significant downgrade by comparison, while the DTX's sounded awful, in fact I barely preferred them over the included in-ear phones which came with the Sansa Clip Zip.  Furthermore, minor tension while making cause a...
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Head-Fi.org › MenacingTuba › Reviews by MenacingTuba