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The Maverick D1 was the right DAC/AMP for me


Pros: right price - while still customizable

Cons: not portable

I bought my Maverick TubeMagic D1 about 8 months ago and use it everyday at work. Its on about 6 hours a day and I have had zero issues with it. Its a very well built unit and sounds great when paired with my ATM50's and Foobar on my PC.   I had the factory upgrade the OpAmps with OP A627's for 30 bucks and the sound is very warm and pleasing for good old rock and roll, hip hop, and dubstep. I use the USB digital input jack for the signal from the PC which was super easy because it just worked, no special drivers or anything needed.    For office use I love this little unit, its only draw back would be that its not portable as it need's 120v. But its not heavy or...
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Head-Fi.org › presb4 › Reviews by presb4