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Pleasently over-engineered (and surprisingly overlooked) début for H/K


Pros: Wide dynamic range, natural tone, fidelity, handsome casing, durable, class-leading

Cons: midrange can be too bright at times

When a name like Harmon Kardon announce a line of headphones, most people listen very carefully.  I'm on a tablet computerand don't have time for a full review, but these are great, and mark a very strong d├ębut for H/K into the saturated headphone market. I bought these on a whim (solely because I noticed they were H/Ks lol) but i dont regret it at all. The bass is very present and enveloping, though it never overpowers anything else. Lots of resolution and detail in the highs, a warm and clear middle section. Vocals really shine with the CLs. They are built entirely with metal and feature a very stylish and time-honored look. The memory foam ear pads are attached magnetically...
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Head-Fi.org › keyguy22 › Reviews by keyguy22