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A boutique entry-level amp that offers great value for money


Pros: Dynamic, vigorous mids that pairs well with sub-100 ohms cans

Cons: Loose bass, small soundstage

Project Palaios IONA (Rosewood)             It’s infinitely difficult to judge sources without qualifications.  Come to think of it, everything becomes relative to something else when the assessment involves terms like “better than” and “lesser than”.  Take the case of the new Project Palaios Iona portable amplifier. I have been very fortunate to receive a loaner unit with a Black Cow interconnect courtesy of Mr. Wong Kwan Wae of Singapore.  Both have been with me for a week before any appreciative or critical thought was allowed to congeal into judgments that I am now struggling to transmit to my laptop as comprehensible words. Encased in...
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Head-Fi.org › sp3llv3xit › Reviews by sp3llv3xit