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Solid Over Ears


Pros: Great sound for price, stylish, flat cord (good length)

Cons: Can't wear for extended periods, bother ears. In bad weather wind pounds through the sound.

As an on ear, I didn't really expect the comfort to be superb.  They were great in audio quality for only paying about 50 bucks.  I think these are those kind of headphones that are a great introduction to high quality listening.  Great for someone who wants to move away from Ipod buds.  Impressed with the sleek style and power of these phones by Sony.  Check em out if you want something cheap and practical.  Great durability!

Intercourse for the Ear


Pros: Extremely comfortable and adjustable, fit almost any head type. Sound quality is superb for its price range. Excellent style/weight.

Cons: Leaks sound.

Okay so I picked these headphones up after having sony's piiq's (on-the-ears)  they were liek a 60 dollar set, not bad.  Good sound quality for that price range but rather uncomfortable and let sound in so I wanted an over-the-ear pair.  These are a stylish, inexpensive if purchased through the right place), and very high quality set.  They have excellent sound quality for the price tag, I picked mine up for 80 bucks.  They are superb in comfort.  Feel like little pillows surrounding your ears.   They do leak sound rather badly but unless you are sitting in a library that isn't really a problem.  If you are like me and want a middle of the road...
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Head-Fi.org › Earsopenmusicon › Reviews by Earsopenmusicon