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Reviews by: Honkytime

Good speakers, good quality


Pros: Huge subwoofer,loads of bass, good sounding, quality build

Cons: Huge subwoofer,lack of midbass,could be a bit more stylish

Picked up these speakers today,overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. There not the most visually appealing speakers but love the 2 way mid tweeter. If you love bass! The huge sub woofer could be just what you looking for or it could be your worst nightmare as it is just that "HUGE!" Overall they sound pretty good  my only complaint would be a lack of mid bass kinda leaves them sounding hollow but i wasn't expecting to much out of a 3" speaker. A 4" mid probably would have made a difference and added to the Hugeness of that sub. The remote control is kinda useless, (having a dsp and eq that you will leave off) it ends up being more of a glorified volume control...
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Head-Fi.org › Honkytime › Reviews by Honkytime