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Reviews by: Thomas Yeo

Made for each other!


Pros: Very detailed music

Cons: Wish it comes with a pouch or box

I tested with various headphones and finally decided to pair it with a V-Moda M100.  After using for a few days, they seemed to be made for each other.   The headphones can produce the detailed music from the Sony amp - throbbing bass (you can feel the skin of the drums!), natural voices and clear notes from the instruments.  You can know the location of the instruments.  The bass does not overwhelmed other frequencies. Peaks and valleys of the music do not break nor hiss - they are helped by the quietness of the background.  I could not hear electrical hiss, the amp is so unbelievably quiet and as a consequence enhanced the music and vocals. ...
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Head-Fi.org › Thomas Yeo › Reviews by Thomas Yeo