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Love Them


Pros: excellent sound,non fatiguing, Mids, Easy to drive, very musical.Forgiving

Cons: Retail expensive, light highs

I am new here and had headaches reading about headphones. I am no audiophile and just have a laptop to enjoy my music from. No "gear" as yet. I love vocals so no V shaped signature for me. I had budget of about 250 USD and was looking for a closed can because, curiously, I thought that they sound better.   I think it’s too bad that most of us have to buy headphones without getting the chance to actually listen to them so I went to guitar center and tried AT-M50 and Shure SRH 840. I bought SRH 840 and was very excited. However, after using them for a few days, I found 840s to be very very heavy and not that musical. I define musicality as something in the sound signature...
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Head-Fi.org › vidzegg › Reviews by vidzegg