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Fiio X5, hi-fi with great value, without compromising quality


Pros: Phenomenal sound, very stable (zero hangs), usability, superb micro-detail, good build quality, packing and accessories. Great value.

Cons: Library database hierarchical problems, scroll wheel sensitivity not adjustable, UI needs work.

Disclaimer   1. I’m part of the X5 Preview tour. I had the chance to evaluate the unit for 10 days thanks to FiiO. 2. I have no affiliation with FiiO in any way. 3. The following words are my personal opinion, I wasn’t forced to give a favourable review or leaded in any way.   Big thanks to Joe, James and everybody at FiiO for this tour and for allowing me to preview the player. I hope this tour is a total success and that many more will come in the future.     About me   I'm an avid music lover. I'm all about listening music on the go, I have tried several Apple product but never own one. To carry a brick has never been an option for me. Used many...
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Head-Fi.org › reihead › Reviews by reihead