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Reviews by: minhquancanon7d

very enjoyable, relax sound


Pros: sound, detachable cable, build quality, brand,modable,tuning feature

Cons: fit, recessed mids, most accessories are useless

very relax sounding IEM, great for relaxing, fit is awkward if u have small ears, accessories are tons but most are useless, tape mod is good! Recommended

amazing for the price


Pros: sound quality,look, price/perfomance ratio

Cons: little heavy, noise cancelling kinda sucks but it makes the sound that I like

These headphones are awesome, bought it in London and happy with it! Cool looking, good sound quality! Bass: I'm a basshead and I love the bass in the active mode and in passive mode it becomes neutral just like the sennheiser momentum Mids: sounds very good with vocal, little recessed in active mode Treble: can't say much, a little to non-sibilance depents on the song! Noise cancelling: decent, cant compare to my ie80 or sen cx980 in this case comfort: very comfortable although a little heavy and becomes hot after a while
Head-Fi.org › minhquancanon7d › Reviews by minhquancanon7d