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Pros: Clear, open, neutral, comfortable and just a great all rounder

Cons: Headband is relatively fragile, not the bassiest headphones I've heard

I've owned these for a year now so I think I can pass fair judgement. Great headphones. A legend among headphones. Neutral, clear and the reference I use to compare all others. Very comfortable, the most comfortable headphones I've ever used with the Beyer over ears. I sold my Audeze LCD2.2 and kept these, that's how much I like them.   Surprisingly easy to drive for 300ohm. They improve with adequate amplification, but I think people really overstate how important it is.   I did have the headband crack on me when stretching it (they have a bit of a tight grip initially), but Sennheiser were great and replaced them straight away for a new pair.

Amazing headphones


Pros: Great sound signature, lovely wooden build

Cons: Heavy, expensive

  I own a bamboo LCD-2.2. I bought them second hand for approximately 800 Australian dollars.    These are the best headphones I have ever heard. The sound signature is so appealing to me they might have my perfect sound signature. Big, powerful, natural and textured bass when the recording calls for it. Smooth mids. And a slightly rolled off high, which is exactly what I want. I'm young and I really don't appreciate 'bright' highs, they fatigue me and give me a headache. High level of clarity.   Cominig from the Hifiman HE-40 they are better. However, they are of course a clear step up in price too. The build seems good, hopefully they end up being...
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Not good not bad


Pros: Looks nice, solid state, 5 year warranty

Cons: Hum, build quality isn't very good, nothing special

Bought one of the original Asgard 2s from Addicted to Audio in Australia. It had quite an annoying transformer hum, but I thought I would get used to it. I didn't. It was very annoying, particularly when using my powered desktop speakers at a low volume. It wasn't too bad with headphones (even open headphones). But still I really didn't find it acceptable, even at this price range, it should have been noticed before Schiit began shipping them out.   The Asgard 2 looks nice. I didn't love the finish though, it kept getting smudged with oil marks. Would be nice if it had an aluminium  finish similar to a macbook pro. But that's a small issue.   Build quality was...
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Very good sound from a small package


Pros: Great mids and treble. Bass is surprisingly good. Fair price. Great build quality, really solid.

Cons: Could be a bit cheaper.

I use these with my Audioengine D1 DAC (which is an excellent value DAC btw) and they really sing. The speakers have beautiful mids and highs for the size and price and although the bass is a bit lacking, it is of high quality. You can pair them with a sub if you want down the road.    The build quality is brilliant. They feel really solid and well made. Audioengine are a great company and whenever I have contacted them they have replied to me promptly. The speakers also look great, very classy.   When I'm sick of listening to headphones these are beautiful small speakers to use.

Brilliant value


Pros: Great value, sounds great, drives all my headphones well

Cons: N/A

Great entry level DAC. Noticeable improvement over the onboard sound of my mac. Pairs great with my audioengine A2s. Powers my HD600 and HE400 headphones very well, seriously can not tell the difference between this and the Asgard 2 (which very much disappointed me for the price).  Gorgeous looks and build quality. Great size. If I ever upgrade my DAC I will use this as a portable/bedside DAC + amp. Powered off USB is great.
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