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Awesome looks, Colorful beats


Pros: Great visual design, Rumbling bass, Fairly portable, Extremely soft padding

Cons: Slightly murky (lacking in overall clarity), Uncomfortable for wearing around your neck, Only comes with coiled cable

This review is of the Reloop RHP-20 DJ headphones, used in combination with an iPhone 4, using ALAC audio.     First impressions: These are really cool headphones.  The build quality is apparent from the moment I pulled them out of the packaging.  The coiled cable is quite thick, and keeps memory of the position it is shipped in for a little while.  I was very exited to try these on, and was not disappointed.  They don't quite wrap around your ears, but more so fit on the edge, which isn't really an issue thanks to the super soft leather material that is used on the cups.  From the first note of the Knife Party track I listened to, I could tell...
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Head-Fi.org › thecodebreaker › Reviews by thecodebreaker