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Pros: Cheap.... Bass is ok

Cons: No Sparkle whatsoever, bass drowns out mids and highs, comfort and build quality

There's not much to say about these. They are cheap Skullcandys. I won these with an Ice-cream promotion. The Build Quality: These headphones kinda feel like a toy. The fake screwholes don't really do much and I don't think they make them look any better. The head band wont really suit people with large heads and while they are flexible, I'm scared about the fact that they might break. The cable is flat but plasticy and if it's creased than the creases stay for a while. The Sound: These sound pretty bad but then again, it's target audience is bass loving "Swag" teens. The bass is strong but not exactly what I would call tight. Sub-Bass is very strong but doesn't as natural...
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Head-Fi.org › SoundPon3 › Reviews by SoundPon3