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An uneven but interesting headphone, which needs a long burn in to get the best from them


Pros: Decent sound (improved with velour pads), Ok bass (when set between 2-3)

Cons: Very long burn in time, Not portable, didn't like pleather pads, mids slightly to recressed,

From what I have read the COP's there has been a very mixed reaction to the headphones, some love them and some detest them.  I have had these headphones for around two year.  So here are my impressions and views. I am not going to get into the unboxing of these headphones, the packaging is ok but nothing special.  Really you don't get much with these headphone in the box.  Just an instruction manual, 3.5mm detachable cable and an allen key.  There are lots of other attachments that you can buy separately with more being released. Design and Practicality The look of the COP's is meant to be one of the headphones selling points and they do have a distinctive...
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Head-Fi.org › MichaelLaing › Reviews by MichaelLaing