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HFI 580 Review


Pros: Tight bass, sound, stylish, folding aspect

Cons: comfort, can be a bit tinny, long cord

On the overall these headphones crush the likes of Beats and other headphones endorsed and made with DJ's.  They're a LOT cheaper too.   Bass is tightly tuned and sounds awesome without being overpowering.   On the upside, the sound produced is not overwhelming, but brings out the natural tones of the recording.  It can be a bit tinny depending on the file or the music, but you can work with this.   The foldability is fantastic, however the cord is too long for my liking, and they can be a bit hard to wear after extended periods.  Again, you can grow with this.   Very much worth investigating rather than spending up to $400 on a pair of...
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Head-Fi.org › DavisCup › Reviews by DavisCup