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Reviews by: thekruser

Great for $30


Pros: great fit, washable

Cons: bloated bass, recessed mids and highs

Intro Let me start by saying this is my first review here on head-fi and I would appreciate any feedback good or bad. Also I purchased these for $30 and will be reviewing them as $30 earphones.    Design  I think that the design is my favorite part about these earphones. I have always had issues with earphones falling out and never being able to move with them in my ears. That is not an issue at all with these once they are in my ears they are there until I want them out. This is great particularly for working out which is what I use these earphones for mainly. These earphones are very customizable and this great fit should be attainable for everyone.  ...
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Head-Fi.org › thekruser › Reviews by thekruser