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Pros: lightweight

Cons: mid level sound

All things considered, these are alright. I got them for 15 bucks and used them as my only pair of headphones for 2 years. I was like 11 years old and listened to only classical on the bus and honestly did not think much of sound quality for the main reason that at the time I only listened to music on the bus where there was a lot of other sound anyways. All in all, if you do not listen to music more than 30 minutes a day get these and if you like bass music but do not want to spend money on headphones get these and bass boost them under settings. That is what my friend does and he enjoys it. The highs are not clear but they are a pair of cheap headphones so don't expect some athm50s...
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Good Headphones


Pros: Good sound, closed, last a lot of drops (both the bass variety and the physical kind), sound good with all sorts of music

Cons: not the most comfortable original earpads, a bit heavier than expected but not terribly

Audio Technica did an outstanding job in this headphone set. They sound really good at all frequencies. When I listen to cds of Beethoven it sounds really proper and when I listen to some old Skream the bass really wobbles my head. If you would not consider yourself an audiophile, but enjoy good sound, what I mean is if you can't distinguish between 440 and 442 Hz but if you like higher fidelity audio and you do not want to pay 500 dollars, these are the headphones for you. They are very good and I think they will last me a long time.
Head-Fi.org › awesomemathlete › Reviews by awesomemathlete