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A comparison with the HD600


Pros: Transparency, soundstage, treble

Cons: Comfort, perfect seal

This is my first review so please be gentle!   When you first put on this closed headphone, you'll be stunned how wide the soundstage is. Compared to my open Sennheiser HD600, the soundstage is equivalent! (though the HD600's soundstage is slightly deeper).   The K550 also trumps the HD600 in so many aspects including transparency, clarity and dynamics. On the other hand, the HD600 trumps in bass slam and comfort.   There is plenty of bass in the K550, but it's not as textured as the HD600 and as for comfort, the cups are really comfortable but the headband requires more padding.   The amp I used to to compare the HD600 and K550 was an Aune T1 with...
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Head-Fi.org › Jackula › Reviews by Jackula