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Reviews by: Thisten

Great if you get them at the right price


Pros: Solid bass. Soundstage is better than my V6's but not that great. Crisp highs

Cons: Ear pads can get sweaty after a while. Mids are a little recessed. Not that great for classical or bass light music.

I just got these cans a little over 5 hours ago and I'm impressed. Guitar sounds crisp and clear. Bassy songs really shine. Sometimes vocals may be a little quiet compared to guitar and drums. I would recommend these headphones to any one entering the hi-fidelity world. But i wouldn't buy them for $160 dollars. $130 would be a good price to by these headphones.

Good Overall


Pros: cheap where i got them. Decent sound.

Cons: The top of the headphones sometimes gets heavy and hurts. Mids are piercing and sometimes too much for my ears to handle.

I had high hopes for these headphones. Heard so many good reviews and i had to get my hand on them. They're good, but not as good as i expected. Some songs sound better on some of my cheaper headphones ex: klipsch image s4's. Good thing i got them for 50 dollars at Fry's. If i bought them at retail price which was $109 at the time, i would've returned them.
Head-Fi.org › Thisten › Reviews by Thisten