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Best bang for the buck


Pros: Silicon tips, strong bass, efficient, wire does not tangle or kink easily

Cons: too much bass, peaky mids, peaky highs

Price and Durability: For 7 US Dollars shipped to my house these are the best phones in the price point.  I stepped on them one time- the green paint slightly chipped but the ink'd did not break at all.  I have snagged the wire mildly a few times and kinked the wire near the jack in my pocket plenty- no negative consequences thus far.  Frequently used on my HTC Mytouch slide.   Comfort:  The included small tips fit excellent- all things considered.  I was wary of skulls being imprinted into my ear canal because of the design, and worried of discomfort from it but have not noticed any even after multiple hours in.  You can tug on the wire and they...
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Head-Fi.org › Vibrasonic › Reviews by Vibrasonic