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Pros: SQ, sub-bass extension, price, size

Cons: stiff cable, microphonics

Hi I'm new here, and probably considered a neophyte at Head-Fi - however I have long favored listening on headphones - that is back to the days when they were those big clunky things that covered ones ears. Eventually I purchased a pair of the now legendary Sony MDR-V6 - after reading Consumer Reports sometime around the mid '80s, just after they first came out.  They may be a bit too bright for my current tastes, but still sound really good, with good but not intrusive extended bass - and those had been my benchmark since. I flirted with various earbuds because I like the compact carrying size and by taking advantage of the ear cavity - those tiny speakers can manage to...
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Head-Fi.org › UnknownVT › Reviews by UnknownVT