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Phenomenal sound. Makes other good IEMs sound low-fi. My reference IEM.


Pros: Expansive soundstage, extremely articulate and detailed, musical, lightweight and non-obstrusive

Cons: Cables not detacheable, bass may be lacking for some

I must admit, the AKG K3003 was not something that I ever wanted to purchase when they first came out.  At $1,600 CAD ($1,200 USD), they were probably the most expensive IEMs available at the time.    In a world where you could buy custom IEMs for less money and have more drivers, I (like many others) dismissed these initially.  A pair of JH Audio JH13 was much more appealing to me at the time, although I had never bought one (more on that later).   Enter 2015, when the price of the K3003 could be found for about half of MSRP.  The K3003 thread here on Head-fi, combined with the more accessible MSRP had really gotten my attention, and so I finally bought...
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Head-Fi.org › Audioscope › Reviews by Audioscope