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Pros: Loud, excellent noise isolation, highly detailed midrange

Cons: Poor bass response, cheap "boxy" bass, "pointy" overall sound

Disclaimer I bought these about 3 years ago, used them a lot and got to "know" them well. The (sort of a) good thing is: They still perform as good as they did when I first tried them on. But that was not too good. Back then I felt disenchanted: they somehow sounded unimpressive, which left me confused. I mean, I based my decision to buy the most expensive earphones I had ever owned solely on praises found online. Lots and lots of different reviews saying wonderful things. How come did I not like what I had heard? I did some more research and found one of those lauding articles saying "Earphones need a couple of days working. A "break in" time before they can deliver their best"....
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Head-Fi.org › Checkbox G › Reviews by Checkbox G