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Sony MDR-ZX100


Pros: cheap, not terrible quality for the price, durable

Cons: uncomfortable, cheap, almost no bass

For only $20 these are good headphones. They are something you could pick up on a trip if you forgot your headphones, or if you want to give a younger person something that they wont break and still will sound pretty good.

Able Planet Musician's Choice headphones


Pros: Good quality for price, comfortable, volume control cable

Cons: folding mechanism can become loose

These are great noise canceling headphones. They are low price but high quality. Ok, so these were my first over ear headphones, and like people say 'you never forget your first love'. These were fantastic for what I expected. I got them at a costco for 69 dollars and wasn't expecting much. To my surprise they delivered a crisp balanced sound and were pretty comfortable. If there are people looking for headphones to cancel out the white noise but you don't want to put a hole in your wallet check these out. (also there are a lot of customization options on the website)
Head-Fi.org › basshead2015 › Reviews by basshead2015