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Exceptional player, but not without some significant drawbacks


Pros: Great sounding player. Comparatively small size. Dead-simple user interface. Good battery life. Expandable storage.

Cons: Unjustifiably expensive. Incredibly inflexible. Quirky designer. Difficult to audition.

Review in progress Please note that I wrote this review based on having paid 840 Euros. The designer has now doubled the price and provided no justification. As a result, I've lowered my rating from four stars to two and couldn't possibly recommend the first-hand purchase of this player, if for no other reason than I feel it would reward greedy business practices. For the most part, the Tera-Player has met my expectations. That said, I'd tempered them by reading every single dedicated T-P post before receiving the unit. All-in-all, I'm pleased with my purchase and know this is the best fit for me at this time given the limitations of the other available and pending flagship DAPs. This...
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Head-Fi.org › Chexxchexx › Reviews by Chexxchexx