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Reviews by: mr skurvy

Great out of the box - Custom Ear molds make it great


Pros: Very good sound, iPhone integration,

Cons: supplied ear tips never really fit right. Awareness software isnt prefected.

Great in ear headset. Very happy with the sound qualities and isolation out of the box. The supplied ear tips worked somewhat well but given my odd shaped ears I couldn't get a great fit and the comfort was ok but not great. Once I got custom molds done and back they made a worlds of difference.   Works well with the iPhone and Awareness software works if you set it up and are in a somewhat constant background environment. (To be honest the jury is still out o the software) Phone calls are crisp and isolation from background noise works better then expected.   Overall very happy with them and use them at least every other day.

30 Day Auditon


Pros: Great sound with surprizing bass for such a small package, Build Quality, 30 day audition, 5 year warranty

Cons: Imputs are Ballanced and Unballanced RCA only. Each Speaker has to have AC power.

Was looking for a smallish computer speaker with very good sound quality for less then $500. I looked around and read many reviews and thanks to the 30 day audition period from both Audioengine and Emotiva decided to give the Emotiva Airmotiv4 and Audioengine A5+ a try. My thought was pic the one that my ears liked the most even if that meant some compromises in other area. Each comes packaged very well. The Audioengine packaging and contained cabling is a bit better deal but I was firm on letting my ears decide this battle. Once I had them set up so I could quickly switch source material I went about breaking them in for 20 hrs of music over the next few days. During this time I...
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Head-Fi.org › mr skurvy › Reviews by mr skurvy