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Pros: Excellent Sound quality, Decent Bass, lengthy cable

Cons: at maximum volumes, it does leak sound outside and screams a bit..

I have had this for a couple of weeks now. My first Senn Can. Spent a lot of time browsing forums and reviews before i got this one and all i can say is , it was worth the read. As far as the cans, these are definately value for money considering the other  branded cans with an expensive tag. I got this in India for 2100 ruppes which is around 38$. I have read that these do come under 25$ but this is the best i could get in India. The sound quality-decent mids, bass and the whole experience is pleasant and punchy. At maximum volume, it does scream a bit(depends on the genre), but i can bet that one need not tune-up to max volumes all the time. I listen to all...
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Head-Fi.org › ameer150 › Reviews by ameer150