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Impressive overall quality


Pros: Great sound quality, very open sound, low price, high quality boom mic, good build quality, Adjustable bass boost, plenty of cable.

Cons: Hard ear pads, usb must be plugged in to play sound, to many cables, leak a high amount.

From a gamer's standpoint these headphones make an amazing gaming headset. The adjustable game volume, bass boost, and chat volume controls make it easy to adjust volumes to however you want them. With the bass boost turned all the way up the game sounds much more immersive with better sounding explosions. These do have lots of cables that can get annoying at time but are mainly unnoticeable during gameplay. The amp also produces a hum that is noticeable with no sound playing, i could not notice it once they had some sound going through them.    These headphones will not get your ears sweaty and are quite comfortable. The ear pads are a little hard and feel a like they...
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Head-Fi.org › jose2014 › Reviews by jose2014