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My first "Real" headphones and still loving them 3 years later


Pros: Cool style, 360 degree speaker rotation, great open sound, cord length and thickness.

Cons: Lots of sound leakage: not good for office or travel.

So, I'm an audiophile noob, relatively speaking. I bought these about three years ago for $180 (I'm Canadian so everything good costs more for some reason even though our dollar is higher than US right now). These were my first good pair of headphones approaching audiophile status and they changed how I listen to music forever. Since I bought them, I've been on a never-ending mission to convert as much of my music library to FLAC and apple lossless because I had no idea what depth and detail there can be in music played on headphones until I bought these.   Maybe I don't have as good an ear as others claim to, but based on my non-professional opinion:   Lows: not too...
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Head-Fi.org › Slippery Pete › Reviews by Slippery Pete