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My First Circum Aural Phones


Pros: Detailed, comfortable, sexy, built like a tank, coil cord

Cons: Ear Sweat

Well, I've had these for 2 months or so, and they've served me well. Compared to my JVC's, these were crystal clear. I won't go into sound-stage and all of that, simply because I can't understand it at the moment.    These are my impressions after using them for some time, so I can't say much about burn-in. Although at first, they did sound a bit weird when switching over from my JVC's.    Highs & Mids: Ever since upgrading from my $10-20 JVC's, I was awe struck when I did some A/B testing. These were a lot clearer. The muffled voices that heard on my JVC's were crystal clear on the V6. Tracks I'd once thought were good were actually bad. It was like...
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Head-Fi.org › MrViolin › Reviews by MrViolin