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Headphones by which all others must be judged


Pros: Tight bass, warm tones, amazing detail, versatility, value, build, comfort, LACK of aural fatigue

Cons: Mild compression, rolled highs, no prestige factor, lack of initial aural “WOW”

I have recently been on an all-consuming quest to find a new set of headphone due to my renewed interest in audiophilia. Anyways, for the past while I have been intently auditioning several pairs of headphones to replace my aged AKG K240DFs (bought in the very late 80s, but just lack the “POW” I want).   Just to let you know, my requirements are for a closed design headphone because I often listen music in bed and don’t want to disturb the better half (happy wife, happy life – you married guys know it).   So based on internet reviews (and posts on this forum from tdockweiler who is the PRODJ100’s top evangelist!) I bought the Koss PRODJ100 headphones and was really...
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Head-Fi.org › Raeme › Reviews by Raeme