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The Little Dac/Amp that Could (Drive 600ohm DT880s)


Pros: Smooth sounding signature, Powerful amp, easy to set up and use.

Cons: Sticky jog wheel, Proprietary Port, price

INTRODUCTIONWhen the opportunity came up to review the Beyerdynamic A200p, I jumped at the chance and volunteered to do one. [[SPOILER]] A200PFORMThe A200P is a portable dac/amp that meant to work with iOS and Android devices. The compatibility list can be found HERE. The device is well packaged and bundled. It comes with 3 different cables (Android, Apple and USB.) and a carry case. It's surprisingly small and light weight, thus making it easy to pocket for portable use. The build is simple and elegant, very minimalist. I've tested this device with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Windows computer. I don't have access to an Apple Device so the review will be limited to those tested. Set up was...
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Head-Fi.org › MrEleventy › Reviews by MrEleventy