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Great for music...not movies/games


Pros: Good sound quality, Sturdy construction, Comfortable

Cons: Poor soundstage, Cable a bit too long, it's 3.5mm connector is a bit awkward

I love the sound quality, one of my first good pairs of headphones for music. Soundstage is very lacking, don't even try to play a game with it (Could pinpoint enemy footsteps better with a mono speaker haha)   The folding is sort of nice, but annoying at the same time.  I let my friends try them on and they always manage to flip the earcups the wrong way and get confused.   Sometimes the highs are overbearing.  My ears tend to be hurt by some youtube videos and some music.

Ups And Downs


Pros: SPDIF output, Virtual 7.1 for headphones, Small Size

Cons: Very Loud, Software was a bit of a pain on Windows 7 64bit

Alright well I just recently purchased it, installed from CD fine on Windows 8 64bit, not so much on Windows 7 64 bit had to find a strange hidden zip file to get it to work.   This thing is ridiculously loud, could be good for some high impedance headphones.  Turn it down all the way before you plug in your headphones.  I can hear pretty loud sounds when the system volume is set all the way to 0 (doesn't give me much range for small volume increments.   The SPDIF works great with it's provided 'mini toslink' connector.   The USB extension cable it comes with is quite nice as well.   I have yet to use the microphone input nor the virtual 7.1...
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