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Awesome set of portable headphones for less than $100


Pros: Amazing sound, worth much more than they cost. Rugged, fun, and engaging!

Cons: Clamp could be a little better.

Best value and sounding headphones you'll ever find for EDM. :)   Do not delay, get a pair today!! For $50 you can't go wrong with these.   Carbon Nanotube technology ftw!

Best earphones for EDM!! Mainly for Trance :D


Pros: Amazing clarity, precision, separation and 3D'ness

Cons: Low bass is a little lacking, perhaps not as rumbly. Sub-bass is great!

Best ear-phones around $150 for EDM.   Can't go wrong with these. :D   ---   EDIT (15/01/2015) (bought from Audio Affair UK for £60):   So, I got a second pair after selling my 1st a long time ago and plugged them into my X3 tonight again for a listen. All I have to say is WOW! I cannot believe I ever got rid of these, the IEM love of my life has returned. As I've been listening to Zero Audio Carbo Tenore for the past year and a bit the EPH100s are like a breath of fresh air for me (familiar air). Bass is again back in my ears, not to say that the Tenore bass is lacking, but the quantity and the quality is nowhere near the EPH100s standard. The way that the...
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Probably the best budget audio amp out there!


Pros: Adds a great body and HiFi feel to the sound. Light and portable. Great soundstage and stereo separation. Bass adjuster.

Cons: Poor battery life. Plastic construction feels cheap. Dock cables are a tad expensive.

Great amp for the money, in my view best FiiO has done. This is my first amp and really I'm quite shocked at how much the sound quality can improve by just carrying one extra little box. Battery life and construction could have been improved, but of course that in turn would have added more weight. I'm sure I will try the E17 in the future, but for now E11 is amazing and fits my needs perfectly. I'm actually considering buying another one for backup, they are on offer at an amazing price at the moment on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006KORF26/ref=gno_cart_title_1
Head-Fi.org › Lifted Andreas › Reviews by Lifted Andreas