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Good buy for bass lovers


Pros: "Tappy" bass (not sure if it's a good thing), comfort, lightweightness, wide soundstage

Cons: harsh treble, cable

Hi guys, this is my first review. So plz be easy on the replies thx.   So the Reference S4s........   BASS: Boomy out of the box, but after some burn-in, it is more recessed and like i said, it feels tappy compared to my TF10s. MIDS:Rather recessed, a bit of nonexistent feel, but isn't HIGHS:Harsh and lightly piercing. Burning-in shall solve this though SOUNDSTAGE: Well, of course not TF10-scale, but things like seperation and width are well done for the pricing. VERDICT: Great value for $95.99,best for genres like Pop, dubstep, rock, EDM etc.
Head-Fi.org › Tommy1001 › Reviews by Tommy1001