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Good clear music, enough space for Flac/mp3's


Pros: Precise Equalizer with many features, music plays for 110 hours straight on a full charge

Cons: Huge, heavy, proprietary usb cable, resistive screen

After having several ipods and such i wanted to crank up my audio quality. I heard many positive things about cowon and i wanted to give it a shot so on a most fortunate day i found a nice Cowon X7 120GB for 136.00 (+ shipping) on ebay . I used to have a 32GB ipod touch and a Creative zen X-fi 32GB but they were not just the thing i was looking for.   The Cowon X7 has superb audio quality and with the versatile equalizer it sounds good with almost any headphone. After reading a couple of negative reviews and positive i still am glad i made the purchase.   The housing looks a bit like a gps system with its big screen and square shape but i kinda liked what they...
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Head-Fi.org › Daan › Reviews by Daan