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Awesome headphones at a great price!


Pros: Sound quality, Comfort

Cons: very stiff cord, tips pop off easily

These are some of the very best earbuds that I have ever owned. The sound quality is very very good, clear and crisp along all frequencies. Very good good highs too. I got some free UE-350's and put them in to compare them and they sounded offensive! I threw them in the trash. I also got some free 150's and they sounded surprisingly good compared to the 500's. If you don't care about the goofy design of the 150's you can save 30 bucks and get those instead. These are also very good to fall asleep with. I can lay on my side with it in my ear and have no discomfort, which is very important to me and I couldn't seem to find anyone mention when I was reading reviews. The cords do transfer A...
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Head-Fi.org › TheOv3rminD › Reviews by TheOv3rminD