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Best sound card in its class.


Pros: Feature rich in Dolby technologies like Dolby Headphone, Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital Live, 7.1 Virtual speaker shifter and GX2.5 EAX emulation

Cons: None really, for the size its awesome

Superb sound quality across the range, especially for something this small and a USB device at that. Dolby Headphone - done right with all 3 modes for choice. Dolby Pro-Logic IIx for stereo/5.1 to 7.1 upmixing. USB like size, very easy on the table - no clutter. Dolby Digital Live real-time encoding over TOSlink Optical out Outstanding surround sound with Dolby headphone in 7.1 playing games/movies (more on this below) The flat non-DSP effects sound of this card is warm to neutral depending on your headset. And with equalizer tweaks it sounds great on highs and perfect in the lows. Bass is not over powering yet just at the right level. Even bass freaks will be happy with it's...
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Head-Fi.org › mharidas › Reviews by mharidas