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Nice set of cans


Pros: Value

Cons: Comfort

    My take on these cans: I've had the HE-400s for about year, and am now running them through a V-Dac II into a Burson soloist.  Argon 5057 Cables between the amp and dac. My pair have the revision two casing (White-ish). For modifications, I swapped pleathers for velours and removed the mesh that was glued onto the grills, no problems caused from that so far so thumbs up. It would probably be a safer bet to keep the hifimans under cover once in a while so they don't collect too much dust. These two mods are a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of these cans, however I wouldn't recommend the mesh mod if you have an already bright system as it slightly...
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Head-Fi.org › Jussi › Reviews by Jussi