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Hard to beat for the price


Pros: Clean, clear sound, good dynamics and imaging

Cons: Really big, slight brightness on some recordings

I've had these for 2 1/2 years now, and have been very happy.  They replaced my Sennheiser 570, which are also very good, but not as clear as these.  The AD700 is also better than the low-end Stax that I used to use.  I'm driving them through an older Arcam 45-watt integrated amp with no problems - volume control is barely above the minimum for a decent listening level.   Dynamics and imaging are very good.  Bass is normal, not overemphasized.   Issues: They're crazy big, even on a medium-sized head.  Therefore, they move around a little, but they are still above-average in comfort.  I'd prefer it if the wings were more adjustable. ...
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Head-Fi.org › brucej4 › Reviews by brucej4