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Great amp!

I got this amp along with the HE-500s to jump into the audiophile scene. My first impressions are that this amp is made with care. It is a solid piece of equipment that is classy looking with no frills. It really drives the HE-500s well. I haven't had too much time to spend with them yet, but whenever I do have some time, sitting down with this combo is really a joy. It is noisy with my Denon ah-d2000s, but Schiit even says it wasn't meant for Denons so you can't fault it for that. I haven't gotten into tube rolling yet, but it's only a matter of time :)    Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone to pair with the HE-500s. From what I've read...
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Head-Fi.org › bob81pizza › Reviews by bob81pizza