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Upgraded from the Tracks HD


Pros: A bit more clearer on the vocals and not as bass heavy. Band is almost unbreakable, components are exchangeable

Cons: Titanium can be easily scratched. Wires feel softer, not sure if I consider it a con, though

These cans are an upgrade for the Tracks HD I had in white. Even though I loved the white and matched my white HTC Sensation, I couldn't keep from trying the new Ultras with the V12 sound engine. I rank my small collection with my V Moda Crossfade LPs as my current go to headphones, but I have to admit the Ultra's are now a high #2 IMO. The reasons being that the total package of the Crossfade LPs appeal to me more than the Ultras did.    The Ultras are a pleasure to put on. I had them on for the first time for about two hours and I felt no fatigue. Especially because I do wear glasses and most over the ears I have used had some sort of discomfort when using them for a...
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Head-Fi.org › kpjimmy › Reviews by kpjimmy