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T1 impressions (HD800 comparison inside)


Pros: Soundstage, accuracy , tonal balance, slight fun factor, build quality

Cons: bothersome treble for 8khz sensitive people, slightly too "common" compared to the best headphones

Please forgive my english. It's not my native language and the text below is translated frome the french Original feedback here           Introduction   It's really hard to give up his own tastes in any objective consideration when headphones are tested. Much of the feedback made by enthusiasts on the web related implys that the author likes enough the headphone to take the time to put his impressions on paper. However, it is uncommon to see written feedbacks dedicated to a headphone that the author does not like. But it is the case for me: I do not like the Beyerdynamic T1. If I had tried it in a store, I would have probably & definitely put it...
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Head-Fi.org › Sorrodje › Reviews by Sorrodje