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A very serious contender


Pros: Build quality,transparency,imaging,soundstage!

Cons: Not detachable cable

Oh man ,I must say these headphones are incredible ! I upgraded from Sennhesier HD 650 to these beautiful cans ,and the difference is almost day and night. The first thing you will notice when you first listen , is the level of detail that will give you the "Wow Factor".especially if you listen to acoustics . This song in particular "Govi -Euprathes" you can hear so many little hidden nuances ,that I could not hear them on my HD 650. It's a significant improvement  from  HD 650 and is worth  the extra money I paid for it.I  highly recommend these cans for anyone who wants to enjoy the  music.
Head-Fi.org › MariusValentin › Reviews by MariusValentin