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Excellent sound quality, but not very durable


Pros: Sound is very clear, good support off all three ranges, memory foam does a good isolation job

Cons: L jack, fit is a bit loose, cable got worn off on it's entry to the jack so I had to return them

I bought the earphones about 8 months ago and used them maybe twice or thrice a week. While I cannot complain about the sound quality, everything else is a bit off. My cable got damaged on it's entry to the jack (I'm using the earphones with my smartphone, which sits in my jeans pocket) so I had to return in to Logitech (on the bright side, Logitech agreed to replace it no questions asked). Cable seems a bit heavy as I need to pull half of it out of my shirt so that the earplugs would have a stable fit - otherwise they keep getting pulled downside somehow. I used to own a $40 Razer headset which beat Logitech in every aspect except sound quality.
Head-Fi.org › dvnitycker › Reviews by dvnitycker