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Dark/muddy in a good package


Pros: Portable, good case

Cons: Dark and muddy, even amped

Although having a drawer full of portable headphones there was room for one more. I got these for use during commute, replacing a sennheiser px 200 II. The form factor appeals to me and it comes with a sturdy case. Soundwise however these are very dark and even a bit muddy sounding cans. I have an iPod nano going to an iBasso PB2. That should be enough juice. All in all I used them them for half a year, getting used to their sound signature, but in the end they didn't convince me and found a place in the drawer.

Great neutral monitor for use in a small room. I use these to mix (a little) and listen (a lot) as part of a desktop set up.


Pros: Good soundstage, detailed with enough bass. The smaller a3x lacks (too much) bass. Although the bigger a7x as more bottom end the a5x delivers enough.

Cons: None that I can think off. Then again I don't have any other monitors to compare to

I purchased these as part of a desktop set up. I use them to mix (logic) or listen music. Rest of the set up: iMac > usb out via M2tech hiface II > metrum acoustics > adam a5x. Beware, I don't have any other experience with monitors in this setting.   The a5x are positioned in the middle between the smaller a3x and bigger a7x (I think a a8x also has been released). The overall sound is balanced and clear with a good soundstage. Especially in a desktop set up I find them delivering on all fronts. I checked out the smaller a3x but these lacked too much in the bass department. The a7x were good, but to big (and pricier) for my taste. Top end is present but not harsh. A...
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