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Not for everyone


Pros: Fairly neutral and accurate. Highs do not hurth your ears.

Cons: The cable is not as pliable around the ears as it could be.

These are excellent value for money. Paired up with a basic Fiio X1, these shures sound really good to my ears. They are not for everyone though. those that want thumping bloated bass will be looking for something else. having said that once you get used to it you can actually hear the bass quite separated from the music which is great. Personally I wouldn't describe these as fun, boppy, foot tapping earphones but you will have a lot of fun rediscovering listening to music in a new way (which actually doesn't make sense now I read it). I think they get you listening to music maybe a bit more critically and taking note a little more, especially of your favourite songs. Took...
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Head-Fi.org › redpops › Reviews by redpops